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                                        -----------Leader of core image system for drill core, cuttings, sidewall drilling core

                                         About us

                                        Wahfook, an innovative company specializing in total digital imaging solutions for core scan service more than 20 years, owning the ability to design and produce scan instruments to acquire the high resolution images in true color for drill core, cuttings, sidewall drilling core under both natural and fluorescent light; develop software suite to process core image and analyze core geological structures, to manage core image and textural data by setting up digital core library, Wahfook web platform is suitable for customized web system of comprehensive drill core information.
                                        Wahfook also set up a professional onsite service team to provides turn-key core scan service for worldwide customers with in-house proprietary scanner and software.

                                         Our business

                                        1. Custom made core scan device and core scan system;
                                        2. Custom made software of core image management;
                                        3. Selling Wahfook CoreImageĆ] system;
                                        4. Selling Wahfook CuttingsImage system;
                                        5. Selling Wahfook fluorescent CoreImage system;
                                        6. Selling Wahfook fluorescent CuttingsImage system;
                                        7. Selling Wahfook CoreImageĆ] web platform;
                                        8. Service to scan core and cuttings at drilling site and core storage site;
                                        9. Service to set up core image library ;
                                        10. Service to set up core image web platform;


                                        To be a step forward in providing one stop core scanner design, core image management system, core scan service, and technology implementation to our customer.

                                         Our value

                                        ÔÇ?Specialization and Service
                                        ÔÇ?In house scanner instrument, management system
                                        ÔÇ?Continuous improvement and innovation

                                         Contact us

                                        ÔÇ?ContactsňQÜAllan Chen
                                        ÔÇ?AddressňQÜBeijing city Haidian District Shangdi information Road No. 2 Building 1 13E
                                        ÔÇ?TelephoneňQ?86)0716-4304861 18998001868
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